Article 4:

article_4_09“Reclusive millionaire Jonathan Forty wants to give away his fortune.  Faith Lockhart is willing to pay the price.”

Playwright Jim Reyland, “ARTICLE 4: has a healthy amount of the seven deadly sins, but amongst the chaos lies virtue and forgiveness. Lives are spinning out of control, and while some will crash, others are saved in a most unexpected way.”

April 2009, Writer’s Stage produced readings of two new plays by Jim Reyland. The promising FURTHER THAN WE'VE EVER BEEN and ARTICLE 4: The idea was to determine which play was ready to be taken to the all important workshop level.

Writer’s Stage presents the workshop of ARTICLE 4: by Jim Reyland Directed by Barry Scott   Featuring: Mark Cabus, Jamie Farmer, Ted Welch and Greg Wilson – November 4th – 14th 2009 on Writer’s Stage

What exactly is a workshop? Once a play has had a reading, the workshop is the next opportunity to see it in a staged environment and continue to shape it.  Do the actors read from a script? The actors are as we say in the biz, off-book. Are there lights and sets? Mark Collino will design our sets and lighting. Will you stop if someone makes a mistake? No mistakes, all part of the show.

“The workshop really takes place well before the audience gets there,” says director Barry Scott. “We’ll have three intense weeks of adding and cutting and figuring out how to tell Jim’s story in the most effective way on stage. It’s humbling for all of us but especially for the writer.”

Reyland too is looking forward to the adventure. “New Play Workshops don’t happen often in Nashville. If you’ve never experienced one it’s a great opportunity to see the creative process at work. I’m thrilled to bring ARTICLE 4: to life with such a wonderful director and first rate cast. This will be the forth play that I’ve had the good fortune to workshop and I learn a great deal about writing for the theatre with each one.”